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Botox ® is one of the most popular, safe and effective treatments for the reduction of frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, bunny lines, radial lip lines and lines around the corners of the mouth. The procedure takes about 15 minutes and usually takes about 3-5 days to be noticed. Treatments lasts approximately 3-5 months.

Dermal Fillers​

Juvederm Ultra XC , Voluma and Radiesse are fillers used for the correction of facial wrinkles and folds by restoring volume and fullness. Common areas include the nasolabial folds and cheeks to add fullness to the lips. Treatments can last up to one year.

NovaThread Lift - Absorbable PDO Threads

NOVA THREADS can be used as a mesh to naturally smooth and tighten unwanted crepe or loose skin, or as a lift, allowing the barbed threads to hold and lift areas of sagging skin. They are made of polydioxanone (PDO) and are very safe. They have been used in surgery for many years and are fully absorbable. They are inserted in the sub-dermal plane especially around the cheeks, jaw and neck. Once inserted, the foreign body will stimulate collagen synthesis and will dissolve in 4-6 months. The skin structure will hold for approximately 12-15 months.

Microneedling with Rejuvapen

MICRONEEDLING with PRP is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation treatment with quick recovery time. It is designed to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production. The treatment involves the use of a small hand held, automatic device that delivers tiny micro-needles on the skin causing open channels to absorb Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) taken from the patient’s own blood sample. PRP contains highly concentrated amounts of natural growth factors and other cytokines that promote advanced healing and the regeneration of collagen.

Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix Therapy - PRFM

Platelet-rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) is an advanced form of platelet rich plasma (PRP), to minimize facial wrinkles and lines and provide overall rejuvenation of the skin. PRFM therapy is the next generation of platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP) breakthrough rejuvenative medicine treatment. Like PRP, PRFM takes a patient’s own blood and processed into a substance that contains a 3 to 5 times higher than normal of healing platelets. This substance is then injected back into a treatment area, such as facial flaws to stimulate regeneration. PRFM is processed with an advanced technology versus traditional PRP that includes adding a precise amount of calcium chloride into the substance. This enables the platelets to stay longer in the treatment area so the release of growth factors is sustained over a longer period of time for longer-lasting results.

The PRFM  is delivered either via injection or via micro-needling. This type of delivery stimulates the skin to heal and rejuvenate as effectively as possible.


IPL / PHOTOFACIAL uses Intense Pulse light (IPL) to treat unwanted sun damage, rosacea, hyperpigmentation and more. Our Sciton’s Broad Band Light (BBL) uses a broader range of filters than other IPL systems to target blood vessels, brown spots, hair follicles, acne and other lesions to provide the most optimal treatment in rejuvenating your skin. We recommend 3 treatments to start spaced 4 – 6 weeks apart with a maintenance every 6-12 months.



MICROLASERPEEL precisely removes and “Peels” the outermost layer of skin improving fine lines, wrinkles, scars, keratosis, pigmentation problems and overall sun damage. The end result will depend on the depth of the skin being treated. What follows is a smoother, healthier more vibrant looking skin. Typically, the procedure is repeated 2-4 times, spaced 6-8 weeks apart, but many peels may be done to achieve the desired result.


​Fractional Resurfacing​

PROFRACTIONAL resurfaces and penetrates the skin by delivering hundreds of pinpoint laser pulses deep into the tissue in a grid like pattern but only a fraction of the skin is directly treated. It is recommended for the treatment of mild wrinkles, acne scars, melasma, crepe skin, pigment irregularities and mild skin laxity. Profractional stimulates new collagen and elastin production leaving you with smoother, softer, more even skin. We recommend doing a Profractional every 6 - 12 months for optimal skin rejuvenation.

Acne & Acne Scar Treatment

At Derm Refresh Skin & Laser Center, we offer a number of treatment options to help manage acne and correct scarring. From our finest skin care products to our Broad Band Light therapy combats acne by killing the bacteria that causes acne and by reducing the size of the sebaceous glands that produce oils that clog pores.

Laser Eyelid Rejuvenation

If you are not happy with the way your bags and wrinkles are looking and surgery is not an option, then consider Laser Eyelid Rejuvenation. Laser Eyelid Rejuvenation is one of the latest advances in laser technology for improving wrinkles and bags around the eye. Our laser system safely and precisely ablates the outermost skin around the eyes making the skin tighter and smoother.

Laser Hair Removal 

Laser or light energy is selectively absorbed by the melanin in hair follicles and converted to heat, diffusing to and injuring stem cells in the bulb and bulge. Effective hair reduction can only be achieved during the active growth phase and hair reduction is considered permanent when a significant amount of hair does not return for a period of time longer than the complete growth cycle. After a series of treatments, most hair is permanently removed. However, if hair does regrow it will be finer and lighter than before.


Spider Vein Treatment​

Asclera® (polidocanol) Injection is a prescription medicine that is used in a procedure called sclerotherapy and is administered by a healthcare provider to treat two types of veins. Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure done by your healthcare provider to treat uncomplicated spider veins and uncomplicated reticular veins. The treatment involves the injection of a solution into the affected veins.


DermaSweep MD Microdermabrasion with Epi-Infusion

DermaSweep’s technology takes MicroResurfacing to the next level through our unique, customizable, treatment approach.  Our proprietary bristle treatment tips gently lift away the top layer of skin and increase circulation to enhance lymphatic drainage, oxygenation, and the delivery of key skin nutrients.  Exclusive infusion solutions formulated with cutting-edge ingredients are added to target specific skincare concerns, for visible results in just one treatment


SkinMedica Chemical Peels

Chemical peels remove the top layers of the skin, creating a healthier, refreshing looking appearance.  A chemical peel reduces evidence of imperfections due to sun damage, uneven pigmentation, and fine wrinkles. Derm Refresh utilizes a variety of chemical peels for different skin types and conditions. Results will vary depending on the chemical peel, condition of the skin and skin type.

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